What is Energetic Repatterning?*

Release the Blockage

The premise is once the structure of a problem is identified the energetic connection to the life depleting pattern can be redirected to more life enhancing possibilities.  This energetic shift and release can be obtained through movement, light, sound, breath, energetic contacts, essential oils and other processes.

Connect to Life

As blockages are cleared and energy is shifted to align with more coherent new possibilities there is more space and light inside an individual to connect with life.

I view energetic repatterning as a process of self discovery that can help people release and disconnect from problems in life that deplete their energy.  Energetic repatterning sessions continually go through the following process for the purpose of creating the opportunity to release blockages:

Recognize the Blockage

In order for anything to change an individual first must recognize and identify what they want to change.  Often a blockage is initially identified as simply a problem whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  Just answer the following question “What drains your energy?” and start a list.  This is a great first step in identifying life depleting pattens manifesting in an individual’s world.

Once the problem is identified the autonomic nervous system is accessed and kinesthetic responses and body movement observations are used to identify other related factors feeding into the blockage that may be ready to shift.  These are often held at the unconscious level and can connect to the deeper root feeding into the current problem.

* Disclosure:  Energetic repatterning sessions are not to be considered the practice of medicine, psychotherapy, or any other licensed healthcare practice.  Please see my Disclaimer for more information.