Open Heart Approach

My intention when working with others is to create a loving and compassionate space by maintaining a heart to heart connection and holding a neutral and grounded center.  I believe this approach helps create a safe environment for individuals to bravely face what surfaces for healing and a space for them to connect with their own internal wisdom for what is needed for growth.

Inner Wisdom and Kinesthetic Awareness

Our bodies are wise and an endless database recording all of our responses to every life experience we have had and our own unique interpretation of those events.  When our needs were not met and we have a stressful response to a situation that is not released from our body the seed and related stressful response of that earlier experience can be planted in our system.  Most of these experiences we are unaware of and live deep in our unconscious mind.  These experiences and our interpretation of these experiences begin to shape the filter through which we experience life.  Many of us accept these stressful and life depleting actions and responses as part of our personality and way of being, completely unaware that they are happening and that there is a more healthy and coherent option available, if we choose.  

Through my trainings I use various ways to identify “blockages” we are holding in our system.  I view a blockage as anything that inhibits our ability to move forward with life connected to our inner light.  A blockage can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or something that is just there and you can’t really explain it.  A blockage can drain your energy and we work together to identify blockages and release them so more coherent energy can be available to engage with life.

My Healing Approach*

Commitment to Self Mastery

My commitment to my own growth and self mastery is endless.  I find that the deeper I explore my own healing path my ability to connect with and help others along their path is enhanced. I am always learning and growing.  I adhere to the old adage, first heal thyself, then your family and then move out into the world.

I am full of gratitude and appreciation for the teachers and mentors who have worked with me and continue to work with me as I journey along my path.

* Disclosure:  Although I use the word "healing", the services I offer are not to be considered the practice of medicine, psychotherapy, or any other licensed healthcare practice.  Please see my Disclaimer for more information.