My Qigong Journey

Since my college days I have always been drawn to and intrigued by qigong and tai chi. I explored recreational classes and weekend workshops from time to time but did not commit to a serious practice.  A couple of years after my son was born during a stream of consciousness writing session it surfaced that it was time for me to connect with and study with my teacher.  It was at this point in my life that I dived in and deeply submerged myself into my qigong studies and regular practice.

My first session was challenging and hard.  My body was foreign to me in general and after having a child, nursing and other injuries and surgeries I was stunned at how hard it was for me to simply stand balanced and aligned without pain, breathe and keep my mind calm and centered. My first lesson focused on learning how to breathe and retrain my body to stand comfortably and relax into alignment.  

What was a powerful connection for me to experience during my first session was how my teacher helped direct my awareness on how to kinesthetically relax where I was holding stress.  At its release, my body felt completely different, open and connected to the earth and the pain I experienced just simply standing went away.  My first few months of qigong focused primarily on being able to breathe, stand and learn to feel and connect kinesthetically with my body.  

Since 2010 I having been practicing  Longevity Breathing®, Dragon & Tiger Qigong, Opening the Energy Gates Of Your Body™ Qigong, The Marriage of Heaven and Earth™ Qigong, Gods Playing in the Clouds™ Qigong, Spinal Qigong, Wu Style Tai Chi, meditation, Qigong Tui Na and other qigong practices  within the Energy Arts system with Senior Instructor Susan Kansky-Lumb.  I continuously participate in trainings provided by Energy Arts and am certified to teach Foundational Qigong, Dragon & Tiger Qigong, and Energy Gates Qigong.

Qigong is not an intellectual study, it is a kinesthetic experience.  Along this journey I have noticed that my body feels better and younger than it did when it did when I was in my twenties.  As I have brought more awareness to the integrity of my movements, I feel less pain and my body is continuing to relax and open up internally.  It is a gradual and dedicated study.

The more I learn and experience under this system the more I feel like a beginner.  It truly is a humbling and fascinating journey to explore and a lifelong pursuit and study for me.