Qigong Water Method

I have been practicing multiple qigong forms, tai chi, breathing techniques and meditation under the Energy Arts system developed by Taoist Lineage holder Bruce Frantzis.  Since 2010 I have been studying regularly with senior instructor Susan Kansky-Lumb under this system.  I have found the strength of this system to be in its ability to awaken and deeply integrate kinesthetic awareness in the body at endlessly increasingly subtle levels.

The energy work I study under this system is based upon the Water Method of Taoism which focuses deeply on the concept of “relaxing into your being.”  I appreciate the water method’s approach since it is opposite to the common western mind set of “no pain no gain.”  A general common theme under the water method is maximum effort without strain often referred to as the 70% principle.

The qigong teachers I have worked with have the ability to relax, kinesthetically connect with and move their bodies at very deep and integrated levels.  Many of my teachers are older in age and I find the fluidity and flexibility of their bodies an inspiring alternative to our western perception that old age means our bodies creak, are broken and in endless pain.