My Resonance Repatterning Journey

My son’s system indicated he needed a breathing exercise to change this pattern.  I watched as my son did the breathing action and noticed how something shifted.  When the breathing exercise was done I was aware of how grounded and centered he was.  The practitioner verified that his system was no longer aligned with the problem and that it was aligned with what he wanted instead.  

I was curious how the drop off with school would go once we returned from winter break.  The drop off at school went smoothly with none of his stressful symptoms surfacing.  Needless to say I was absolutely hooked and thought “I have to learn this!”  The rest is history.

I dived into learning Resonance Repatterning and found it to be fascinating and for me an effective self-healing tool to gain a deeper understanding of and clear life depleting patterns surfacing in the problems manifesting in my day-to-day life.   I practiced sessions constantly on myself, family and others and obtained my certification* with the Repatterning Practitioners Association ("RPA") in 2017.   I continue to use Resonance Repatterning as one of my primary energy healing modalities today.

I currently provide Resonance Repatterning sessions online.  If you are interested in receiving a session please contact me.

My first experience with Resonance Repatterning was through observing my son receive a session.  When my son was in second grade all of a sudden he started having severe anxiety attacks when I dropped him off for school in the morning.  Tears would be running down his face and he would breathe heavily through his mouth, almost as if he were hyperventilating and at this point we weren’t even out of the car.  I was confused by his change in behavior since he had been going to school for the past three years and he never had any issues.  I remember asking him if he had any idea what might be causing his reaction and he said, “Mom, I really don’t know why this is happening.”  As a mother I felt helpless.

I brought my son to a Resonance Repatterning practitioner and sat in the room and observed his session.  His session lasted no more than a half an hour.  The practitioner focused on identifying the current problem that needed to be addressed and then moved right into identifying what he wanted instead of his problem.  What was fascinating for me to see was that the practitioner was able to connect with my son’s system to verify what his energy was aligned with in this situation, and to identify what he needed to connect with the new possibility of what he wanted instead.

* Disclosure:  While I'm a certified Repatterning Practitioner, I'm not a licensed health care practitioner.  I do not provide psychological or medical diagnosis, advice, opinion, or treatments in my sessions with clients. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.