The Healing Power of Our Problems

Everyone has problems.  The question is how do you use your energy when a problem is present in your life?  Do you feed the problem or do you feed the growth opportunity within yourself that the problem provides.  Most people use their energy to feed their problem which can make the problem bigger, stronger and unconsciously feeds an unhealthy repeating cycle.  In addition, focusing our energy on problems can keep us in a noncoherent state of being where we are unable to recognize our piece that is contributing to the problem. It is often easier to blame others, be a victim or feed a state of hopelessness.  All of these situations give our energy to others instead of using it to look inside and challenge ourselves to connect with what is needed for deeper self-healing.  

Problems can be reflections of our wounds echoing back to us, a signal that something inside of us is broken and needs to heal.  They can represent unmet underlying needs and blockages literally screaming to be heard whether they are the thoughts we speak aloud to others or in our head to ourselves, whether they are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  Resonance Repatterning is designed to use the power of our problems as the starting point to unlock the hidden potential in each of us to heal.