Stressful events happen in life.  However the challenge is not that a negative experience happened, it is that we may not be able to release it from our nervous system and it can repeat itself over and over again throughout our life.  Most of us can hear the stories we repeat in our head and to others of all the pain and traumas we have experienced.

The autonomic nervous systems is constantly responding to events we experience in life and the beliefs and related emotions created from these experiences.  As the nervous system responds, neural pathway connections are made and begin to feed our filter of how we experience life.  Anything similar to a stressful experience that has not been released from our body, feeds additional neural connections, strengthens the myelin sheath and releases all the related stressful biochemical and negative emotions.  We literally relive these experiences over and over again in our life until they become so natural to us that we accept them as a part who we are.  We can create our own internal prison of limitations and most people are unaware that it is happening and that each of us hold our own key.

The Unconscious Mind is in the Driver's Seat

The benefit of using the autonomic nervous system to identify life depleting patterns is that it can allow us to dive more deeply and access the unconscious mind.  It is believed that the unconscious mind powers our direction in life.  Like the part of the iceberg below the water's surface, the unconscious mind is not visible and it is in the driver's seat determining the direction we are moving.  To shift the energy moving our life path sometimes takes a deep dive.

Resonance Repatterning is intended to connect to deep roots feeding into our problems.  These roots can go in multiple directions and detect reptilian fight-flight responses and breathing restrictions unresolved inside of us.  Sessions may also identify life depleting compensations, parental, generational and societal messages and are designed to energetically replace them with new life enhancing possibilities.

Theoretical Basis of Resonance Repatterning and the Autonomic Nervous System

Earlier Experiences Creating our Present Reality

Resonance Repatterning uses applied kinesiology to access the autonomic nervous system and is designed to identify life depleting patterns we may hold inside of us.  Some of these patterns we are aware of and stem from earlier childhood experiences.  As a child did we look in the mirror and see all of our inner beauty and unlimited potential like the kitty and the lion?  Or did we look in the mirror and see all of our flaws and limitations?  Which neural connections did we feed?

Through Resonance Repatterning the life depleting patterns associated with how we relate to the world through beliefs, what we see, hear and write and the negative thoughts, and self images we have about ourselves can be identified.  Oftentimes an earlier childhood experience can be what is feeding the current problem.  The premise of Resonance Repatterning is once it is identified the focus is on aligning energetically with what the child needed and clearing the related negative beliefs and emotions the earlier experience is feeding.