What is Resonance Repatterning?

Resonance Repatterning® is considered an integrated alternative self-healing system within the newly emerging field of Energy Medicine.  Its premise is that we are energetic beings that manifest and attract the frequencies we hold within our body in the external world around us.  These frequencies we hold create the filter with which we experience our reality, whether life enhancing or life depleting.  Using applied kinesiology, life depleting patterns, unmet needs, and related negative beliefs and emotions we hold within the body can be identified and can be replaced and energetically aligned with more life enhancing possibilities.

I believe the beauty of the Resonance Repatterning System lies in its simplicity and deep integration of ancient energetic healing systems (e.g., Meridians, Five Elements and Chakras), physiology, applied kinesiology and quantum physics with the purpose of using an individual’s inner wisdom to connect them with what they most need to restore health and well-being.  The founder of Resonance Repatterning Chloe Faith Wordsworth, has been in the alternative healing field for over 40 years and has integrated her knowledge and wisdom into creating over 100 Resonance Repatternings.

I believe the strength of the Resonance Repatterning system lies is in its seeming ability for the individual to connect the dots between their thoughts, body sensations and related responses with earlier life experiences. While it's not possible to provide any guarantees, Resonance Repatterning can provide an individual a beautiful blend of dialogue, kinesthetic connection and the related energetic release and connection to new possibilities.